1. A Day in the Life of a Cloud Misconfiguration

    Cloud operations professionals will likely recognize the hypothetical infrastructure misconfiguration scenario outlined here ... and perhaps wince a bit. What all enterprises using cloud at scale have in common is that misconfiguration is not just a critical technical issue to contend with, but it’s a major management burden that soaks up significant time and expertise.

  2. Why I Joined Fugue

    Fugue CEO Phillip Merrick talks about the factors that led him to join Fugue. He’s spent more than a decade helping lead innovative and fast-growing cloud and SaaS companies such as webMethods, SparkPost, and VisualCV. A common concern at all of them was ensuring that the infrastructure, databases, and applications they put into the cloud were kept as safe and secure as possible. This assurance is exactly what Fugue provides by ensuring that cloud infrastructure both meets the organization’s security policies and doesn’t drift from the known good state.

  3. Integrate Security into Your DevOps Pipeline

    In some DevOps environments, security is often neglected or avoided because of the perception that the security team will introduce inefficiencies and dramatically slow the pace of development. Bypass the unnecessary risks of this approach by integrating security directly into your DevOps pipeline.

  4. Tips for Moving Fast and Safely to the Cloud

    It has never been faster or easier to get something deployed in the cloud. Unfortunately, security and compliance may be left behind. What does it mean to move both fast and safe to the cloud? You should follow a few fundamental steps.

Secure Your Cloud

Find security and compliance violations in your cloud infrastructure and ensure they never happen again.